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Latest update as on 01 March, 2024

We are pleased to inform that the State of Israel has authorized IVP for the Apostille, Attestation and Notary in India.

IVP will accept documents from individuals and representatives on behalf of MEA and facilitate the MEA Attestation and Apostille process by providing a quick and smooth genuine MEA attestation/apostille. Apart from MEA attestation and Apostille service, IVP will also provide services that simplify the entire process of attestation/Apostille/Notary like translation services, state attestation services etc.

Contact: +91-7700007770   Email Id:


Welcome to the Website for the Israel Visa Application Centre (VAC)

Welcome to the website of the Israel visa application centers in India. IVP (Israel visa processing) is the exclusive service provider for the State of Israel, authorized to provide administrative support services to visa applicants in India. We welcome visitors from around the globe who wish to travel to the State of Israel. The website provides all the information on how to apply for a visa to State of Israel. The guidelines listed on the site helps to prepare your documents with all relevant information pertaining to Israel visa. IVP center manages 4 visa application centers in India where you can submit your visa application with supporting documents at the respective center (Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore/Kolkata) according to Jurisdiction list only - click here.

Please note applications submitted in New Delhi and Kolkata will be assessed by the Embassy of Israel, New Delhi. Israel visa application center provides the visa application support service only. Staff members of visa application center have no power over the outcome of an application. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is solely by the Embassy of Israel/Consulate General of Israel. Israel visa application center role is entirely impartial.

In case the Visa Approval process takes longer than our customer service targets then it is stated that neither the Israel Visa application centres nor the Israel Embassy shall be responsible in any manner whatsoever and the Applicant shall be the sole bearer of all risk and consequences." Please note that acceptance and rejection of Visas is at the sole discretion of the Israel Embassy & fees paid are non-refundable.